Workshops & Courses We Offer

Click here for a list of workshops and courses offered at our office.  Follow the links below for complete workshop details.

Marriage preparation

Marriage Preparation

This non-denominational workshop is designed to help you build the foundation for a strong, lasting marriage. Learn more >>


Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid will give you the tools you need to intervene when you see someone’s mental health is in jeopardy.  Learn more >> 


Mental Health First Aid (For Adults Who Interact With Youth)

This course covers all of the same material as basic Mental Health First Aid but with an additional focus on eating disorders and deliberate self-harm.  Learn more >> 

Anger management

Anger Management

Cornerstone’s Anger Management program is offered to those who wish to change destructive expressions of anger into positive behaviours. Learn more >>



Our team of psychologists and family therapists are available to address businesses, churches, and non-profit groups on mental health issues. Learn more >>