Improve Your Quality of Life by Attending One of Our New Workshops

Slaying the Anxiety Giant

Anxiety Disorders are the most common of all mental health issues and can rob people of their joy and peace. This workshop will teach strategies for managing anxiety and help participants retrain their minds to worry less and live more.

Honey, What are You Really Saying?

Everyone wants to be understood in their most intimate relationship, yet it is in the closeness of a couple’s relationship that an individual can be most misunderstood. This course is designed to help couples build better communication.

Building Bridges Removing Road Blocks

Other people can be our greatest source of joy and the primary cause of our frustrations. Despite this, God created us to live in relationship, and we all need to feel love and belonging. This communication workshop will benefit anyone who desires to resolve conflicts with co-workers, friends, or family members.

Creating Rest in the Midst of Chaos

This workshop is for those who find themselves overburdened and stressed out with the demands of life. Participants will learn to accept their limitations and recognize how self-criticism contributes to feelings of inadequacy and depression.


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